•      Why Drawing Is So Important For Students:

    • It increases their imagination....
    • It is an amazing way of displaying emotion....
    • Their cognitive processes increase....
    • Their fine motor and coordination skills increase as well....
    • They will embrace creativity and confidence...

     (Please see the Drawing Challenge List below.  You have a lot to pick from.)


    1. Draw a llama surfing.
    2. Draw a fish swimming in something other than water.
    3. Combine two animals to create a new one.
    4. Draw a shark eating a cupcake.
    5. Draw a crab at a birthday party.
    6. Draw a seahorse in a blizzard.
    7. Draw a dinosaur crying.
    8. Draw an animal with arms 4 legs and legs 4 arms.
    9. Draw a pug on a treadmill.
    10. Draw a horse throwing a horseshoe.
    11. Draw a shark waterskiing.
    12. Draw a walrus in a beach chair.
    13. Draw a circus elephant standing on a ball.
    14. Draw a koala bear sitting on a trash can.
    15. Draw a lizard putting on lipstick.
    16. Draw a squirrel roasting a marshmallow.
    17. Draw an octopus with spoons for legs.
    18. Draw a mouse riding a motorcycle.
    19. Draw a flamingo doing ballet.
    20. Draw a butterfly eating a steak.
    21. Draw a cat chasing a dog.
    22. Draw a lobster dancing.
    23. Draw a cat playing a sport.
    24. Draw a chicken skydiving.


    1. Draw a piece of fruit in outer space.
    2. Draw a Pop Tart lifting weights.
    3. Draw a loaf of bread at a disco.
    4. Draw a rainstorm of sprinkles.
    5. Draw french fries on a rollercoaster.
    6. Draw a food eating another food.
    7. Draw a walking taco.
    8. Draw chicken wings flying.
    9. Draw a banana slipping on banana peels.
    10. Draw a cookie with googly eyes instead of chocolate chips.
    11. Draw a pineapple rollerblading.
    12. Draw a piece of asparagus snowboarding.
    13. Draw an annoying orange.
    14. Draw a donut riding a skateboard.
    15. Draw a turkey leg eating a turkey sandwich.
    16. Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress.
    17. Draw a banana in pajamas.
    18. Draw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on vacation.
    19. Draw an apple talking to your art teacher.
    20. Draw a hot dog flying.
    21. Draw a lemon making orange juice.
    22. Draw an ice cream cone eating a Popsicle.
    23. Draw a garden of lollipops.


    1. Draw your art teacher on an island.
    2. Draw a teacher eating a pizza while dancing.
    3. Draw a person with fruit for hair.
    4. Draw a basketball player dunking a chicken.
    5. Draw a pirate in a hammock.
    6. Draw your teacher as a zombie.
    7. Draw your art teacher with a beard.
    8. Draw yourself with a super power.
    9. Draw a clown sneezing out flowers.
    10. Draw a person with donuts for eyes.
    11. Draw a cowboy in Antarctica riding a polar bear.
    12. Draw yourself as a fairy.

            Make Believe:

    1. Draw something other than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
    2. Draw a troll riding a unicorn.
    3. Draw what your imaginary friend would look like if we could see them.
    4. Draw a dragon breathing rainbows.
    5. Draw an alien driving a car.
    6. Draw an elf jumping on a trampoline.


    1. Draw a super scary Valentine’s Day card.
    2. Draw the strangest pair of glasses you can imagine.
    3. Draw a design for a $3 bill.
    4. Draw a bicycle riding a bicycle.
    5. Draw a Ferris wheel on top of a mountain.
    6. Draw a pencil sharpener eating something other than a pencil.
    7. Draw a marker painting.
    8. Draw a sweater made out of candy.
    9. Draw a pair of shoes made out of flowers.
    10. Draw a bowl of cereal under the sea.
    11. Draw a crying crayon.
    12. Draw a cabin on top of a cloud.
    13. Draw your own version of Mount Rushmore.
    14. Draw a pair of scissors running.
    15. Draw a squirt gun squirting paint.
    16. Draw a mountain topped with glitter.
    17. Draw the Statue of Liberty eating pizza.
    18. Draw lightning striking the tallest building in the world.
    19. Draw a treasure chest in an underground cave.
    20. Draw the Eiffel Tower eating a baguette.


    1. Draw an eye with tree branches for lashes.
    2. Draw a snowman sailing.
    3. Combine two holidays to make a new one.
    4. Draw a plant with a face.
    5. Draw the moon fighting the sun over a turkey sandwich.
    6. Draw a crime scene where a donut lost its donut hole.
    7. Draw a foot doing a handstand.
    8. Draw a stick figure falling.
    9. Draw something gross.
    10. Reinvent your favorite team’s logo.
    11. Draw an emoji in real life.
    12. Draw a cactus in a milkshake.
    13. Draw the moon howling at a wolf.
    14. Draw a can of soda pouring out rainbows.
    15. Draw your name as an animal.