Enrichment and Challenges can be found on my Enrichment Site.

      Enrichment Site

      The internet is full of amazing content…

      Sometimes it’s just challenging to find it! TKSST spotlights a wide variety of short, videos that can start conversations, spark questions, & inspire offline exploration for all ages.

      Smart Videos for Curious Minds of All Ages


      Please take a look at these sites your children can visit!


      Bed Time Math             


       Sudoku             Mensa for Kids


                                                                                     Cool Math 


      Merriam-Webster Fun for Kids      


      Programs for parents to investigate.

      These links are provided for information purposes only and are not an advertisement or endorsement by LCPS.  All responsibility for inquiries, applications, and/or participation is solely that of parents or guardians.


      University of Connecticut


       Johns Hopkins University


                    College of William and Mary            

Last Modified on April 16, 2021