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    The nationwide 2020 United States Census will begin March 12, 2020. Loudoun County government has been working with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) to inform every Loudoun resident about the census process and why it is so important, particularly for LCPS populations that are historically undercounted.

    Loudoun’s Census count impacts LCPS more than any other county program. Loudoun County receives more than $31 million in federal funding for school programs based on Census data. These programs include free and reduced-price school meals, special education, Title I resources, Head Start, teacher training and more. 

    For each child or adult not counted in the 2020 Census, Loudoun County expects to lose $2,000 per year in federal funding during the next 10 years.

  • 2020 Census FAQs

    1) What is the Census?

    The Census is a nationwide count of everyone living in the United States. The U.S. Constitution requires a Census every 10 years. The first one was held in 1790.


    2) When will the 2020 Census happen?

    Residents will receive a letter in the mail in mid-March telling them how to go online and respond. The response window will end during the summer.

    Residents who live in group homes, campus housing, shelters, etc. will be counted using a separate process.


    3) Who counts in the 2020 Census?

    Everyone: Every person in your home of any age, relation, or immigration status should be counted. If you have relatives or children that split time in your home, they should be counted where they live and sleep most of the time.


    4) Why is the Census Important?

    • For every person not counted, Loudoun County expects to lose $2,000 a year in federal funding for the next 10 years.

    • Your response makes sure Loudoun receives more than $31 million a year for programs that benefit every Loudoun resident. These programs include school meals and preschool programs (Head Start), road projects, healthcare access (Medicaid, CHIP, and new health facilities) and affordable housing.

    • Most census funding goes toward our schools, so your response impacts your child’s future.

    • The more accurate the Census count is, the more representation your community will have in government, from the local level to Congress.


    5) Will my answers be shared?

    • Your Census responses are confidential – it’s the law. Your responses cannot be shared with any other government agency, court, or law enforcement agency.

    • Your answers cannot be shared with your landlord or any benefits agency.

    • Your responses are only used for statistics.

    • Census workers take a lifetime oath to not share your information and risk prison if they do so.


    6) What questions are asked in the Census?

    The Census will ask you for the name, age, date of birth, gender, relation, race and ethnicity of every person in your home and whether your home is rented or owned. You should answer as fully and honestly as possible.


    7) What questions does the Census NOT ask?

    The Census will NOT ask for your immigration status, Social Security number, email address, ID, financial or banking information, or your political party.

    If you are asked to respond to the Census via email, it is fake and should be reported.


    8) How long does it take to respond to the Census?

    For most families it will take 10 minutes or less to respond.


    9) Is the Census available in other languages?

    Yes! You can respond online or by phone in 13 different languages. The postcard with instructions to respond online will be in Spanish for Sterling Park and Southwest Leesburg based on demographic data.  

    10) What are the dates for the Census process?

    Mid-March: Households will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to respond online.

    Late March to mid-April: Reminders about online response sent by mail.

    Mid-April: Households that did not respond online will receive a paper form.

    May: Households that did not respond online or by paper will have a census worker knock on their door to ask for the information.


    11) What does a Census worker look like?

    Census workers who visit homes will have a name badge and a bag with the Census logo on it. The badge will have their photo, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark and an expiration date. You can ask for their identification at any time, but they CANNOT ask for yours.

    Please call 800-923-8282 if you would like to verify that a person is a Census worker. 

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