Modernizing the Digital Learning Environment

  • The Department of Digital Innovation (DDI) strives to ensure that the students, teachers, and administrators of Loudoun County Public Schools are equipped with the digital tools necessary to excel. These are the three basic tenants that drive our work within DDI. 

    1. DDI is student-focused, putting students at the center of our decisions and working outward. 
    2. Technologies must be sustainable and include a plan for obsolesce. 
    3. The work is never complete. We believe in a continuous improvement cycle.


    Technology modernization is our way of describing device lifecycle management. When staff speak of “modernizing,” it generally means the disposal of obsolete technology and the introduction of modern technology. LCPS modernization efforts have primarily focused on staff and student devices in the past. Promethean boards and projectors did not get an official “modernization” schedule until FY20.

    Annually, LCPS modernizes approximately:

    • 2,000 staff computers
    • 25,000 student computers 
    • 4,000 other shared instructional devices
    • 1,000 Collaboration monitors
Last Modified on July 29, 2022