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    Who is an eligible LCPS retiree?  

    To be eligible for Retiree Health Insurance, as defined by Policy #7628, you must:  

    • have been hired prior to July 1, 2013.
    • retire from LCPS and immediately begin receiving a pension from VRS.
    • have 15 cumulative years of full-time service with LCPS.
    • be enrolled in a LCPS medical plan for the three consecutive years immediately preceding retirement date (you and any dependents you wish to cover).

    LCPS retirees and/or their dependents who are eligible for Medicare Parts A & B are offered a Cigna Medicare Advantage Plan.  Retirees and/or their dependents who are not eligible for Medicare parts A & B can participate in either a Cigna POS or OAP plan. 

    Important notes:

    • Retirees are not permitted to add dependents after retirement. 
    • School Board policy requires retirees and/or their dependents elect and pay for Medicare parts A&B when they become eligible in order to continue health care coverage with LCPS.  Eligibility may be at age 65 or earlier if you are receiving social security disability benefits.  Failure to do so can result in the permanent cancelation of your health insurance through LCPS.

     Enrolling in Retiree Health Insurance

    • Complete and submit a Retiree Health Insurance Enrollment form.  You will get this form in your retiree packet once you submit your notice of retirement.  You must apply to be enrolled. 
    • If you are over 65 or otherwise eligible for Medicare
      • apply for Medicare Parts A & B through the Social Security Administration or online at www.Medicare.gov.  Start this process 3 months prior to the end of your active coverage, if possible. 
      • you may need us to complete a Social Security Request for Employment Information form if you or your dependent did not enroll in Medicare when you were first eligible. This will be provided to you by Social Security.  Submit this form to Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits for completion. 
      • submit a copy of your Medicare card (showing Part A & Part B enrollment) to Employee Benefits, as early as possible.  This is needed in order to enroll you in the Medicare Advantage Plan.  
    • If you have at least 15 years of VRS service credit (or are a disability retirement) you may be eligible for a VRS Health Insurance Credit.  The credit is calculated based on your position and years of service and cannot exceed what you are paying for your health insurance (to LCPS and/or Medicare).  You must complete a VRS-45 Form and submit it to VRS to disclose your health insurance premiums for the credit to be calculated. You must submit a new form anytime your health insurance premium amounts change.  Health insurance credits will be included in your VRS pension payment.  It is up to you to pay your premiums to LCPS or Medicare. 

    Paying  Retiree Health Insurance Premiums (if applicable) 

    If you enroll in Retiree Health Insurance and have a monthly premium, you can opt to have your health insurance premium deducted directly from your monthly VRS benefit payment or receive a monthly bill from our Financial Services Division. 

    • To have your premium deducted directly from your VRS payments, complete a VRS-78 form and return it to Employee Benefits.  This option is available for most premiums and can be set up at any time.  Please allow 1-2 months for set up.  
    • If you choose to be billed, you will receive an invoice from our Financial Services Division monthly.  You can pay these invoices through the LCPS Payment Portal (preferred) or by mailing a check.  Note: We are not able to auto deduct from your checking account but you may set up auto pay directly with your bank.  If you set up auto pay with your bank, be sure to look out for premium changes at year-end as you will need to change the amount you are sending if there is a change.  

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