Non-Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Insurance Information

  • Retirees and/or dependents who are not Medicare eligible will be enrolled in the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) or Cigna Point of Service (POS) health insurance plan until they become Medicare eligible.  Retirees can change between plans only during Open Enrollment. Dependents can be dropped at anytime but this is a permanent decision as they cannot be added back on the plan in the future.  

    Retiree health insurance is bundled and enrollment includes medical, prescription, dental and vision plans.  The plans for non-Medicare eligible retirees are: 

    • Cigna Medical Plan (OAP or POS)
    • Express Scripts Prescription Plan 
    • Delta Dental Plan 
    • Davis Vision Plan 

    Once a retiree or dependent becomes Medicare eligible (at age 65 or at any age due to a disability), they are required to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B and will be enrolled in the LCPS Medicare Supplement Plan. We recommend you apply for Medicare three months prior to your Medicare eligibility date. A copy of the Medicare card must be submitted to the Employee Benefits office as early as possible.  Enrollment changes will be made the first of the month following submission of the required documents or the effective date of Medicare, whichever is later.   Visit the Medicare Eligible Retiree Health Insurance Information page for more information on benefits for Medicare Eligible retirees.  

    Find benefit plan summaries, forms and vendor contact information by clicking on the topics below. 

Plan Information and Premiums

  • Have an address update?

    We will update your address with Cigna, Delta, Davis and Express Scripts! 

    Complete an LCPS Retiree Address Change form or call us at 571-252-1810. 

    You will also need to update your address with VRS. 

    Need a VRS form?

    VRS-45 (Health Insurance Credit) - To provide your health insurance premiums to VRS for VRS Health Insurance Credit.  Return to VRS. 

    NEW - You can now update VRS with premium changes online, through your myVRS account at

    VRS-78 (Authorization to Deduct Insurance Premiums) -  To request your health insurance premiums be deducted from your VRS pension payment.  Return to Employee Benefits for approval

    Other VRS Forms

    Need to speak to Virginia Retirement System (VRS)?

    Call 888-827-3847 


    Need to Cancel or Make a Change?  

    If you need to remove a dependent from coverage, cancel your coverage, make an Open Enrollment plan change (POS and OAP only) or if you've become eligible for Medicare, complete the following form and submit it to Employee Benefits. 

    Retiree Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form

Last Modified on March 6, 2024