What is a Parent Liaison?

  • A Parent Liaison is a parent just like you that is employed part time by LCPS.The primary role of the Parent Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children. 

    What is the Mission of the Parent Liaison?

    The mission of the Parent Liaison is to empower parents by assisting with communication between school and home while positively influencing student achievement. The Parent Liaison helps parents get the information and support they need to help their children to be academically and socially successful in school.

    Parent Liaisons bridge the gap between home and school in many ways!



  • Parent Liasion Provide language assistance for those parents whose first language is not English


    Are current or former parents of the LCPS students, just like you


    Relate well to people of all ethnic groups


    Ensure that confidentiality is maintained carrying out their responsibilities


    Nurture and foster collaboration between parents, teachers, students, and administrators


    Transmit and Provide information to parents about the resources available in the community




    Love creating a welcoming environment for parents in the school


    Increase parental involvement through workshops and volunteer opportunities


    Act as bridges to connect home and school during transitions


    Inform parents about available programs that could benefit their families


    Serve as a contact person for parents with questions about events and activities in school


    Organize and schedule meetings between you and your child's teacher


    Nicely and in an organized manner, will be glad to assist you