Library Information and Policies

  • About Our Library

    The library supports the Loudoun County Public School curriculum by providing books, media and instruction to all students and faculty members. The Waxpool Library is open from 7:10am-2:10pm every school day. All classes are scheduled for once every other week for 50 minutes. The library is available all day for individual student checkout and small group work.

    Circulation Policy

    Students check out a set number of books each week. This number will increase around January - when they have learned and become used to the responsibility. When a student has a class project, additional library books can be checked out as needed. Students are always welcome to come down to the library during the school day, with their teachers' permission to check out new books. Library books should be returned or renewed at each library class. Students must remember to return library books before additional library books can be checked out - this helps make the library fair and equitable, so that everyone can keep reading books they are excited about.

    Lost Book Policy

    In order to ensure that all students are able to get the most out of the library, books must be returned on time. After a book has been overdue for 30 days or more, a notice will be sent home via email to the parents and a paper notice in the student's backpack. Please remember to look carefully in bedrooms, under the bed, on bookshelves, in the car, at daycare lost and founds, and so on. Books show up in very random places! If these books are determined to be lost or destroyed, a fine must be paid for the cost to replace the book. If you can locate the book and return it, the fine will be deleted. Please reach out to Ms. Meltser for information on the amount for any certain book. We are also happy to make other collaborative arrangements, as needed.

    There are three methods for paying the cost to replace a lost or damaged book:

    • To pay via check: Write a check made out to Waxpool Elementary School, for the listed amount and send it to school with your child. Please put Library in the memo spot.
    • To pay via cash: Put cash in an envelope labeled "Lost Library Book". Cash should either be the exact amount, or any extra will be saved as a library donation.
    • To pay online via credit card: Please reach out to Ms. Meltser ( so the amount can be added to your student payment account.


    If there are any questions at all, feel there is an error, or other arrangements need to be made, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Inside the library, looking at the booths
Inside the library
Last Modified on August 18, 2023