• Kindergarten 

    Driving Question:

    How can we help hungry people in our community?

    We will present a video about how we are helping hungry people in o

    First Grade 

    Driving Question:

    How can we as first graders create and sell a product that other first graders would purchase?

    To make students aware that they can create and design products and earn money from working. They can turn around and use their earnings to purchase goods and services.


    Second Grade 

    Driving Question:

    How can we, as school community members, encourage others to show great character?

    Second grade students have studied what it means to be a good citizen. They have learned about and discussed character traits such as honesty, trustworthiness, kindness, responsibility, and respect. They have created an artistic piece that demonstrates their knowledge of what it means to have good character and to promote citizenship values in the school community.


    Third Grade 

    Driving Question:

    How can we, as 3rd grade world travelers, or owners of tourism companies, interest people in visiting a place in order to increase tourism to that area?

    The students will display information about 3 different features from 3 different continents in a manner of their choosing, trying to convince people to visit those places.


    Fourth Grade 

    Driving Question:

    How can we, as developing scientists, design a community on Mars in order to meet the needs and wants of someone living there for a sustained time period?

    Students discussed what it means to be part of a community and what we, as members of a community, need in order to live, work, and play in a way that brings meaning and joy to our lives. The students then investigated the characteristics of Mars and were tasked with figuring out what a community on Mars would need in order for a group of people to survive based on the information they discovered. Finished products showcase what students envision for their community on Mars.


    Fifth Grade 

    Driving Question:

    How can we, as environmentalists and researchers, encourage/persuade others to protect Earth’s ocean resources?

    Students in the role of scientists, will analyze the impact of pollution on the ocean ecosystem.  Students will complete UOS informational writing research assignment and use that information to create a presentation on their chosen ocean issue.  Projects will be used to educate viewers on ways to solve the problems facing our oceans.



Last Modified on January 30, 2020