• BWHS English Grading and Assessment
    Procedures Relating to Reassessment

     I follow the English Department’s grading policy for reassessments.

    Student Expectations:

    • Students are expected to be prepared and to do their very best on every assessment administered. 
      • If a student would like a reassessment, they must meet or email the teacher to discuss remediation and student illustration of learning within 3 school days of the initial grade posting, AND they must complete the student reassessment plan before a reassessment will be scheduled.
        • These meetings should take place during Learning Lab or during a teacher’s established office hours (or by appointment if necessary)
        • Reassessments must take place within 10 school days from when the initial grade is posted
        • Please note the administrative steps I need you to complete in order to keep this much work organized. When you wish to complete a reassessment, you must:
          1. Email Mrs. Foster to suggest or ask what remediation would prepare you for the reassessment (within 3 days of the grade posting).
          2. Complete that remediation.
          3. Complete the Online Student Reassessment Plan (OR the paper copy).
          4. Take the Reassessment.
          5. Complete the Request to Grade a Retake Form.
      • Failure to meet the requirements for remediation or reassessment will void the student's request for reassessment.
      • Students are allotted up to two (2) reassessments per quarter.
      • Students may only complete a reassessment on major summative assignments.
      • No reassessment may earn a score higher than 80%, but the student will receive the higher of the two grades.
      • Students are expected to be prepared and to do their very best on every assessment administered. 

    Teacher Expectations: 

    • Teachers are expected to enter grades in a timely fashion: within six (6) school days of receiving the assignment. 
      • Lengthy assignments like essays and projects may take longer, but this information should be communicated with all parties.
    • Teachers will use the notes section in the Schoology grade book to communicate when a reassessment is given. They should list the date of the reassessment and the original score earned