Summer Learning

  • Math

    -Fact fluency! Create your own multiplication or division cards and practice a little each day - building fact fluency will help with MANY math skills!

    -Dreambox and ALEKS - keep up your work!

    -Measure! Measure items in your house - what are some objects that are the same length? Same weight? Same volume?


    -Create a reading notebook to write about all the books you've read this summer. Maybe you will write the next big review!

    -Listen to audiobooks on MackinVia! Many books are ready for you to listen to and enjoy!

    -Go on a word hunt! Pick a letter or word and try to find as many words that start with that letter around your house!


    -You can create a Google Doc to write the best story! Add images to help your story come alive! Maybe you'd rather create a story on Google Slides - then you can even add your own drawings using Kleki!

    -Take a look at these writing calendars and write a little each day:


    -Plant something! There are seeds in many foods you eat that you can get and recycle for free! Keep a journal of how much your plant grows or changes each day!

    -Create a bubble wand! Love playing with bubbles? Make your own bubble wand to see if you can make even BIGGER bubbles!

    -Weather-watch! Keep track of the daily weather patterns - what is happening each day? What is the average temperature in a week? How many days will it rain this summer? Make a prediction and record results! You can record your results in a Google Slide or Document, too!

    -Care for your community! Make signs to remind your neighbors to keep your neighborhood clean, recycle, pick up after pets, stay on side-walks, and more! Let's work together to keep our communities beautiful!

    -Rock collectors - find some of the coolest rocks. Write about why they are special or unique - is it the shape? Colors? Shine?

    -Animal watch! Keep a record of all the different types of animals you see this summer. Who will see the most different types of animals?