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  • Welcome to the Visual Arts Department of IHS! Visual Art is an expansive field, and through the Art Program in LCPS students will experience both breadth and depth of learning in a variety of genres within this subject.

    Visual Art teaches creativity, problem solving, and a applied style of learning where students learn not only theory but production techniques and hands on experiences!

    Below are listed the course offerings in the Visual Arts Program. All students begin with Art I, unless a portfolio review is approved. Semester electives may be combined in place of Art II.

    If you are interested in completing a portfolio review please follow the links below:

    Portfolio Review - To skip Art 1 (please read and follow all directions carefully) Due March 25th, 2022

     *Portfolio Review is open to ANY STUDENT - Rising Freshmen through rising Seniors*

    Course Placement Options include:

    - Art 2

    - Photography (year class)

    - Graphics (year class)

    - Semester Electives (Photo/Graphics or Sculpture/Draw&Paint)

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