•  IMPORTANT UPDATE (3/13/2020):

    All volunteer signups and donations have been moved to a temporary date in December. They will be moved to a realistic date once, hopefully, new dates have been established. If you are unable to meet the new dates, once chosen, we can make changes at that time.  Please email SMSchoolPlay@aol.com if you have any questions.  Thank you!


    Thank you for supporting the efforts of the Smart's Mill School Play with your volunteerism.   

    As the production needs are always different and changing, it is not possible to say that a minimum number of hours or donations must be met.  So, we are using a system of recording volunteer efforts.  Each time you complete work for the show (acquiring advertisers, working on sets, sewing costumes, ..) or sign up for a work shift (selling tickets, working student dinners, ...), you must record that activity below (click on Record Volunteerism). 
    If an effort is not adequately staffed, I will check the records and randomly assign families who have not shared equally in the workload to that effort.  If that random assignment is not completed, your child is in danger of being removed from the production.
    So, families should:
       -- sign up early and often for volunteer assignments that best suit their talents and schedules
       -- record their volunteer activities
       -- fulfill obligations that they sign up for AND that they are assigned to 
    Additional information for volunteers will be found:
        on Signup.com for show week time slot assignments (like Ticket and Concession sales and donations) and
        on the Website or in Emails for committee assignments.  

    Remember that you've agreed to the requirement that "I must volunteer time and donate items to make the experience a success and that lack of participation on my part may result in the removal of my child from the production."  Your volunteerism will be tracked and monitored.  Please sign up to volunteer robustly, so that there will be no issues in this area.


    Please use this link to record your volunteer participation:  RECORD VOLUNTEERISM      https://forms.gle/UeZpVLNnhAcSYTKb9

    Please use this link to sign up to volunteer:  SIGN UP TO HELP         https://signup.com/go/RCpEnPB

                This link is for set work days and for tasks and donations near show time, like ticket and concession sales and donations. 
                Items will be added as needed to this list, so please check back often.
                Tip: It may be best for you to sign up to volunteer during the show week that your student will not be performing.


    Current volunteer needs:

    • Show nights need concessions and swag sales parents, use signup.com to choose a time to help   https://signup.com/go/RCpEnPB
    • Costume Prep, Set Construction and Set Painting volunteer time slot shifts are posted at https://signup.com/go/RCpEnPB
    • Ad Acquisition team is currently soliciting business ads for the program, email SMSchoolPlay@aol.com if you can help
    • Promotion and Publicity is starting up, email SMSchoolPlay@aol.com if you can help