Another moment to celebrate!

Mr. Barbour - AP

  • During my tenure as an educator, I have learned the importance of optimizing learning environments and recognizing the needs presented by diverse student populations, implementing academic initiatives and leading colleagues through designated school-based programs. These experiences have been instrumental in strengthening my ability to lead various professional learning communities with positive internal and external interactions.

    I have an uncompromising view that all students can master content given a positive learning environment that welcomes exploration and analysis. It is my belief that an admininstrator’s mission should include collaborating with teachers to creatively and purposefully meet the academic needs of every student.

    I earned my undergraduate in English from Old Dominion University and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Hood College. When away from student filled hallways, I enjoy spending quality family time traveling, but can often be found on a golf course putting for birdie. 

    As a proud Spartan who recognizes the importance of equity, I agree with Jacqueiine Woodson's, a Newberry Honor Winner, perception that "Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together."