Another moment to celebrate!

Mr. Barbour - AP


    Greetings to my Broad Run Family,

    Many educators believe this will be the "Bounce Back" year in education, and add my name to that list of believers. It is my goal to help teachers focus on a set of high-yield practices and students experience academic rigor and high relevance. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, and I share the assertion that human behavior is "always changing: situation to situation, moment to moment and second to second." Despite these changes, Broad Run will continue to focus on principles that will be beneficial to our students for a lifetime.

    A Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership has taught me that all students can master content given a positive learning environment that welcomes exploration and analysis, which are essential in any learning environment.   

    The pandemic has taught all of us many lessons. One of those lessons is valuing the importance of family and recreation. So, when away from student-filled hallways, I can be found spending quality family-time traveling; or even better yet, on municipal golf courses chasing that elusive hole in one. 

    This "Bounce Back" will be like no other. It is going to be important for educators to continue to think about how to improve learning so that we can continue that journey to excellence. It is exciting to know that the Broad Run Spartans will be taking another step back to a world that is rightfully ours.