• Earn a free ticket to Six Flags this summer!


    Do you like riding roller coasters? Are you someone who enjoys getting splashed on water park rides?  You can do all of these things and more this summer when you get your free ticket to Six Flags from the Potowmack Library.  All you have to do to get your free ticket is:


    1. Read for AT LEAST six hours outside of school. The reading you do must be for fun – it cannot be for homework.  You can read independently or listen to someone read to you.


    1.   Record the titles of the books you read, and the amount of time you spent reading on your Six Flags Keeping Track Form.


    1. Have your parents help you enter the time you have read on the Six Flags Website.


    1. Be sure to log all of your reading by April 1st!  


    1.  Dr. Copeland will give out the free tickets when they arrive in April or May.


    Here are the directions for entering the reading logs at Six Flags:


    Read To Succeed is a free program that allows students in grades K-6 to earn tickets to Six Flags America just by reading six hours for fun. Here is how your child can earn a free ticket to Six Flags: 1) Register this fall using this link: Visit: sixflags.com/books Use Dr. Copeland's code: MYFMF 2) Your child may read any books they choose. 3) Keep track of your child’s reading using the form below. 4) Record your child’s reading at our website. 5) Receive a free Six Flags America ticket from Dr. Copeland in May.


    Have questions? Contact Mrs. Copeland at mrzewski@lcps.org.


Last Modified on December 4, 2019