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Sponsors : Sundar Thirukkurungudi

                 Fiona Thistlethwaite

Emails   :  Sundar.Thirukkurungudi@lcps.org


The club meets every first B-day of the week in Room 2315 in the Academy of Science in the Acdemies of Loudoun in Ashburn in Noethern Viginia in Virginia in the USA in Northern America on the Earth in the solar system in the Milky Way in the mystrious universe made of quarks.

Club members meet to learn about particle physics through hands on experiences and experiments. Some of the experiments we have planned are constructing a cloud chamber and building muon detectors. 

More information is avaliable on the offical website at https://quarknet.org/. Helpful resources to learn more about particle physics include https://www.fnal.gov/

The students participate in a master class in spring with one of the nuclear physics professors at George Mason University and interact with other global QuarkNet clubs. The mastercalss is taught by an expert in the field of particle physics and will give a much more in depth understanding of particle physics. For 2020 the masterclass that we will be attending will be the MicroBooNE masterclass.