Thank you and congratulations to all the students on their great auditions!  Their preparedness and talent was evident and made casting decisions challenging, as always!  
    We are very excited to have an amazing group of students to work with in the ensembles, feature roles, and lead roles and know that each performer is intregral to the shows success!  It will be a fun experience for all!
    MATILDA CAST LIST:  (see character descriptions for information about each role)
    Role Naughty Cast (A) Revolting Cast (B)   Ensembles by Musical Number

    Featured Ensembles

    Matilda Alexia G Sabrina S   MIRACLE: Named 8 (Bruce, Lav, Nigel, Amanda, etc.)
    Miss Jenny Honey Ava P Rachael G     Miracle Features
    Miss Agatha Trunchbull Jordyn B Summer S      
    Mr. Wormwood Jared R Will S   NAUGHTY: Storybook Characters, Naughty Dancers
    Mrs. Wormwood Reese J Claire G      
    Michael W Henner H     SCHOOL SONG: Named 8, Miss Honey's Class (Classmates)
    Mrs. Phelps Joelle A Elena B     Big Kids, Students
    Escapologist Landon R Nick W      
    Rudolpho Thomas V Landon R   The HAMMER /  Named 8, Bid Kids
    Sergei Ethan B     CHOKEY CHANT:  
    Doctor Sierra B Evie L      
    Alice (Named 8) Neha J Maryam B      
    Amanda (Named 8) Eileen D Marriott P      
    Bruce (Named 8) Raymond F Daniel M   BRUCE:  Named 8, Miss Honey's Class (Classmates)
    Erica (Named 8) Alexandra K Claire Q     Big Kids, Students
    Hortensia (Named 8) Kaitlynn S Ava W      
    Lavendar (Named 8) Queen K Sydney W   WHEN I GROW UP: all Ensembles
    Nigel (Named 8) Quinn F Will O      
    Tammy (Named 8) Abigail H Kate L   SMELL OF   
            REBELLION: Named 8, Big Kids
    Miss Honey's Class Ensemble          
    (aka Classmates) Elliot B Alara C   REVOLTING  all Ensembles
      Alayna D Kiara C   CHILDREN:  
      Aly G Carmel C      
      Sarah P * Jill F      
      Cameron S Jaycie H *      
      Madison R * Imani P      
        Vance T *      
        Eva U      
        Addison Z*      
    Big Kids Ensemble          
      Ethan B Grace B      
      D'Andre B Darby C      
      Sierra B *  ** Kaitlyn F      
      Kate D Heidi H*      
      Sara G Henner H      
      Emma H Rebecca J      
      Elaina N Evie L*  **      
      Carina S Sydney N      
      Kat S Dot N*      
      Natalie T Nathaniel R*      
      Thomas V Landon R      
        Taylor W**      
    Student Ensemble          
      Joellyn A Gulianna B*      
      Addyson A Ryenne B      
      Isabella B Katie B      
      William B Madison C      
      Jane F Rowan G      
      Sophia G Peyton G      
      Cameron K Lexie K      
      Sophia M Emma M      
      Kora M* Maddie M      
      Cailin M Jessamin M      
      Kylee P Olivia T      
      Samantha P Amaya T      
      Kayleigh S Desha W      
      Alyce S Aly S*      
      Grace P*        
      Easton P*        
    * denotes featured dancer ** denotes featured vocalist