In accordance with the new school board policy 5011 (see below), the last 10 minutes of each study hall block will be considered “unstructured” and “unencumbered” time in which students will not be expected to focus on academic tasks. Students can use this time to relax, stretch, listen to music, move around the room, socialize, or play games. Please note that these activities should not be disruptive or distracting to nearby classrooms.



    The Loudoun County School Board understands daily, unstructured activity time during the school day is an important physical, mental, and social break for students from structured instruction. Unstructured activity time is described as supervised time allocated for students to develop teamwork, social skills, and improve overall physical fitness. This time shall be included in the calculation of total instructional time in accordance with state guidelines but not factored as part of the physical education curriculum.


    A. Administrative Guidelines. To the extent possible, the unstructured activity time shall meet the following criteria:

    1. Moderate to vigorous physical activity is encouraged; through the provision of space and equipment and through encouragement by the teacher.
    2. When weather conditions are questionable, principals shall refer to Regulation 5011 to determine the appropriateness of outdoor activity time.
    3. Unstructured activity time is mandatory and should not be viewed as a privilege to be taken away. Therefore, every student is entitled to unstructured activity time and it should not be revoked as a disciplinary consequence or used as time to make up classwork. An exception to this guideline is permitted only when a student commits a disciplinary infraction during unstructured activity time and the logical consequence would be a temporary suspension for that student at the time of the infraction.

    C. Middle and High School Unstructured Activity

    1. Secondary schools will incorporate a minimum of 10 minutes of unstructured activity time during the school day every other day.
    2. Unstructured activity will include opportunities for physical or other developmentally appropriate activities


    POLICY: 5011