• Know Yourself

    • Compass Points

      • At one of our faculty meetings, the SBIF facilitated a PD on the Compass points.  Staff filled out the Compass Point assessment

      • They also then filled out a slip with their name and compass point.  The SBIF then created a bulletin board in the CLT Collab Lab (were CLT meetings are held each week) with all the slips of paper so we can always be mindful of each's Compass Point.

        compass key

    • Team Leader Institute

      • Our entire staff is going through a modified version of the TLI modules.  We started on the first day teachers come back in August and this is our focus during our 2 Faculty Meetings a month.  

      • Our SBIF is helping to lead this work with the help of other DIFs in the county as well as Courtney Williams, Supervisor of Instructional Facilitators for LCPS.