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    • We restructured our CLTs

      See our CLT Templates Below (We started with one and reflected on its effectiveness and made some changes to get to the 2nd template - Modeling reflection).


    Template 1 


    Template 2



    • We created a schedule for our CLTs for consistency for staff who do not have FDE as their home school.
      • 1st Thursday - Reading
      • 2nd Thursday - Math
      • 3rd Thursday - Science/PBL
      • 4th Thursday - Student Assistance Team
    • We had a gradual release of CLT responsibility to teams.  Because we changed the structure, the facilitator team took responsiblity for CLT agendas and topics for the first quarter.  Teams then had a reflection CLT to decide what worked for them moving forward knowing they would be responsible for their CLT content.   

      • Step 1 - Aug. - Oct. - Faciliators create agendas and topics for CLT

      • Step 2 - Nov. 7 - Faciliatators held a reflection CLT with each team to help them move forward with the CLT responsibilities

      • Step 3 - Nov. - January - Teams will be responsible for Math and Science CLT's while Reading and Student Assistance Team CLTs would still be run by faciliators.  They may ask for assistance as needed from the faciliatator team.  

      • Step 4 - February  - Teams will be responsible for all their CLT agenda's and topics.