• Advanced Computer Information Systems

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    COURSE TITLE:      Advanced Computer Information Systems (grades 10-12)



    Computer Information Systems or Using Word, Using Excel/Access, or Software Integration from the 2001-02 school year.



    Advanced Computer Information Systems provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Office software package and an opportunity to refine their skills through a variety of project and research activities. Through integration, students will be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate authentic situations and apply the appropriate technology to solve problems efficiently and effectively. When completed, students will be able to take any of the MOS core and/or master exams.



    Use advanced word processing functions.

    Use advanced spreadsheet functions.

    Use advanced database functions.

    Enhance multimedia presentations.

    Produce desktop published documents for print and electronic distribution.

    Design and produce web pages.

    Maintain and troubleshoot systems.

    Execute network activities.

    Implement programming activities.

    Explore legal and ethical issues.

    Develop employability skills, a resume, and a portfolio.

    Examine of all aspects of industry:




    Technical and production skills

    Underlying principles of technology

    Labor issues

    Community issues

    Health, safety, and environmental issues


    CREDIT INFO:  This course provides one elective credit required for the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.

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