• To access the MusicFirst Junior website, please click HERE

    Login information:

    user name: your student ID number (lunch number)

    password: music1


    Recommended Recorder Home Practice Routine for each song:

    1. Say the Rhythm

    2. Say the Lyrics (the words of the song, if they are present)

    3. Say Letter Names of the notes, then say them while doing the correct fingers (go SLOWLY first)

    4. Play the song (try to keep a steady beat)

    5. Play and repeat each measure till the notes are correct then play through the entire song again (take your time and make sure each notes is correct)


    *microphone issues - click HERE

    *to download the Music First Junior App from the App Store, click HERE (If it asks for your school subdomain, type buffalotrail ).

     *to download the Groovy Music App from the App Store, click HERE (note: You never have to open this app. It opens automatically through the Music First Junior App).


    *please email Mr. Trammell or Mr. Denton if you have any login issues

Last Modified on March 11, 2020