• Grading at Woodgrove High School

    1. We weight summative grades at 100% and relate them to specific standards. We clearly indicate which assignments are summative.

    2. Formative grades may appear in the gradebook, however, formative grades do not calculate in the final grade.

    3. We treat practice as formative assessments.

    4. We count no one assessment as more than 20% of the quarter grade.

    5. Extra credit or grades for activities such as bringing in materials, providing parent/guardian signatures, participation in fundraising/charity, or participating in extra-curricular or non-curricular activities will not be given.

    6. There is a 50% floor for the first 3 quarters. There is no 50% floor for the fourth quarter.

    7. We will provide a reassessment opportunity for students to demonstrate mastery on major summative assessments.

    8. We receive approval from Counseling before giving incompletes as a final quarter grade.

    9. We post assignments in Phoenix when they are assigned.

    10. We grade assignments within two weeks of being turned in unless otherwise noted.

    11. We accept late work through the end of the quarter. Late work may not be awarded full credit. An incomplete may be assigned until the work has been graded andentered in to the grade book.

    12. Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) courses have their unique grading policies as set forth by the accrediting college or university.