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  •  2019 -2020 Video Presentations


    Bullying Behavior and Cyberbullying

    Heather Ross, School Counseling Specialist and Panel

    Matt Bessler, Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

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    A Comprehensive View of How LCPS "Says," Addresses, and Explains Services for Students with Dyslexia

    Jennifer Sassano, Supervisor, Special Education and Specialized Reading and Math

    Kristen Kipps, Specialized Instructional Facilitator, Reading

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    Helping Parents Understand and Navigate Specialized Reading Resources for Distance Learning

    Jennifer Sassano, Special Education Superivsor and Specialized Instructional Facilitators of Reading

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    Identifying, Supporting, and Managing Childhood Anxiety

    Alyson Nuno and Andrea Deal, Potomac Behaviorial Solutions

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    Introduction to Naviance Student - How Parents Can Assist Their Students with College and Career Readiness

    Sarah Whipp, Naviance Representative

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    Kindergarten Connection

    Lori Padgett, Supervisor, ECSE

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    Learning to Use the Toilet

    Char Crane, Autism Consulting Teacher

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    Managing Bumps in the Road:  Building Resilient Relationships With Your Teen

    Dr. John Walker, Supervisor, Student Support Services

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    Middle School Connection

    Kim Jones, Supervisor, Special Education

    Chad O'Brien, Assistant Principal, Mercer Middle School

    Karyn O'Neill, Assistant Principal, Harper Park Middle School

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    Parenting Adolescents Through Social Distancing

    Rachel Bailey, M.A., CPDPE

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    Using Multi-Tiered System of Supports to Support the Needs of All Learners

    Stefanie LaPolla, Supervisor, Multi-Tiered System of Supports

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