Online Solicitations

  •   Thank you for your interest in doing business with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).

    Suppliers must create a user account on the new LCPS Electronic Bidding System to respond to LCPS solicitations. Suppliers will be notified of solicitation opportunities based on LCPS Commodity Codes selected. 
    Suppliers may refer to LCPS How-To Guides for instructions on "Creating User Account" and "Responding to Solicitations", or Current Bids for business opportunities, which are found on the LCPS Electronic Bidding System (ION Wave) main page by clicking the link below.

     LCPS Electronic Bidding System by ION Wave

     As your adminstrator, LCPS Procurement will assist if you have any questions or issues.
    Administrator Contact Information:

    Phone: 571-252-1270

Last Modified on November 6, 2019