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    LOCKDOWNLockdown is used to describe enhanced security measures taken to protect against potentially violent intruders that may be inside the school or on the school campus. The response secures students and staff, usually in classrooms, to prevent access or harm to the occupants of the school. This may also involve quickly moving students and staff from unsecured locations to secure locations or outside and away from the threat. School staff will notify law enforcement through 911 and contact the LCPS Safety and Security SOC when practical.  Only a law enforcement officer can release a school from a lockdown. 

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    Secure the Building is used to prevent unauthorized entry if the potential threat is outside and in the vicinity of the school. An armed robbery, police foot pursuit, and stray animals in the area of the school are just some examples. Outside activities are cancelled and anyone outside at activation is instructed to move inside; all exterior doors and windows are secured while staff and students are free to move about inside the school. All visitors and deliveries are initially turned away during this scenario and dismissals would also be delayed if warranted. After further assessment, visitors and deliveries can resume during this response at administration's discretion. If appropriate, 911 should be utilized to notify law enforcement and the LCPS SOC should be contacted as soon as possible.

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    Shelter-in-Place procedures are used to temporarily shelter people from a hazardous outdoor atmosphere, such as weather or a chemical, biological, or radiological incident. During this scenario all exterior doors should be locked and measures should be taken to shut down the intake of outside air if warranted. Visitors and deliveries may be cancelled until public safety officials declare the area clear. If appropriate, 911 should be utilized to notify law enforcement/fire rescue and the LCPS SOC should be contacted as soon as possible.

    Evacuate Icon

    Evacuate is used to describe situations where the building has become uninhabitable and must be evacuated. A fire, chemical spill, or credible bomb threat are just three examples. During this scenario all personnel will relocate to a pre-determined location outside of the school. Once at that location a decision will be made on a potential evacuation to a secondary location further from the source of the problem.



    Hold is used to temporarily hold students and staff in place during a developing situation.

Last Modified on June 8, 2023