• Flyers and posters should not be taped to walls, lockers, or bathroom stalls. Instead, we are utilizing informational bulletin boards for four specific reasons: 
    1. To ensure compliance with district regulations regarding signage in the building
    2. To prevent students from posting inappropriate or inaccurate information
    3. To keep halls clean and eliminate the need for students and staff to return and remove a large quantity of flyers/posters
    4. To conserve school resources (ink and paper)
    Guidelines for "Indy Insights" Bulletin Boards
    • If you would like flyers displayed on the "Indy Insights" bulletin boards, print and submit 5 copies to Mrs. Lentz either in person or her mailbox in the main office for review and approval. 
    • Once flyers have been reviewed, they will be returned to you with Mrs. Lentz's signature or initials indicating approval. At that point, you may post them on the "Indy Insights" Boards around the building. 
    • There are 5 total "Indy Insights" Bulletin Boards, located in 3 of the 4 corner stairwells, at the bottom of the 1500/2500 stairwell, and outside the cafeteria.
    • Posters should be displayed on the boards with staples only. Do not use push pins! 
    • Posters and flyers may not be posted on walls, lockers, bathroom stalls, or anywhere else in the building other than the "Indy Insights" boards. Teachers may post flyers on their own classroom doors or within their classrooms at their own discretion. 
    • Flyers posted on walls and lockers will be removed. Flyers without Mrs. Lentz's initials or signature will be removed.