Success Stories

  • Bike and Roll

    Bike and Roll to School Day 2023

    Sugarland Elementary School students braved the ominous rain clouds to participate in Bike and Roll to School Day (BRTSD) on May 3rd. Over 40 students arrived by bikes, scooters, and roller blades. Fifth grade teacher, Desiree Turnquist and PE teacher, Todd Funkhouser gave out reflective zipper pulls and BRTSD stickers to excited students entering the school gym.


  • Brambleton Event

  • Brambleton Bike Donation Day-March 6th 2021

    Thank You Brambleton Community!

  • Bike Program


    Bike Donation Program

    On January 5, 2021, another 36 bikes were picked up from Maverick Bikes! Rolling Ridge Elementary School, Sterling Elementary School and Sully Elementary School each received 12 bikes to be distributed to students. 

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  • Sugarland Elementary School

    Sugarland has seen an increase in students riding bikes to school since the addition of an extra bike rack. We also have provided bike locks for students to keep their bikes safe, through a generous donation from Riverside Presbyterian Church.  Gregory Mihalik, Assistant Principal


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  • Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School

    We held a successful, well-attended Bike Rodeo in early September. Since that time we've had to install a third bike rack to accommodate the number of kids riding bikes to school.  In addition to participating in the National Walk to School Day, we have made every Wednesday Walk-to-School Wednesday. Administrators and staff members greet students and parents on Loudoun Reserve Drive as they reach school property.  Participation has been good. The arrival carline has decreased which has in turn, decreased student tardiness.  Diane Insari, Principal


    Walk To School Day-Parent Testimonial from Corina Lawson, Round Hill Elementary

    My son Henry attends Round Hill Elementary and his school participated in Walk to School Day. The school and PTO was great about spreading the word. The event was also on the Bear Bytes (school news) and on the school calendar. It was so much fun to walk instead of our usual drop off…not to mention we met new faces along the way!



  • Arcola Elementary School-Andrew Stevens, Principal

    There are more students riding the bus and less cars in the Kiss & Ride.  While the entire Peaceful School Bus Program has not launched school wide, the tools provided in the program were used on one specific bus that had a high rate of behavior incidents.  After spending 5-10 minutes on the bus with the students and bus driver and using some of the suggestions from the program the incidents have decreased.

  • Sugarland Elementary-Gregory Mihalik, Assistant Principal

    We also wanted to share that we have been using your slow driving reminder signs each morning and afternoon. They have helped tremendously. Thank you!


  • Arcola Elementary-Andrew Stevens, Principal

    We set up an online survey for parents to complete with their children where they had to answer questions regarding bus rules and kiss and go rules. All children who completed this survey had our mascot deliver bus erasers to them at the end of September.


  • WTSD

    Willard Middle School Walk to School Day-October 2023


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