• Photos of the Month


    July 2020


    Photographer - Jerry Ragan, Project Coordinator 
    "Did somebody order a 4 Classroom Addition? Where do you want it?"

    June 2020


    Photographer - Sam Sakati, Project Manager 
    Made in the shade

    May 2020

    THS Library

    Photographer - Marty Rinehart, Project Manager 
    Construction happens so learning can happen!

    April 2020

    Monroe Entrance  

    Photographer - Svain Ulvedal, Project Manager 
    The Shard of Monroe...The Emergence of North Star

    March 2020

    Waxpool Spaghetti

    Photographer - Anil Kumar, Project Manager 
    Waxpool ES "We Conduit"

    February 2020

    C.S. Monroe Demolition

    Photographer - Svain Ulvedal, Project Manager 
    Demolition of C.S. Monroe - "Bittersweet"

    January 2020

    Sentry over Lightridge HS

    Photographer - Debbie Heimburger, Project Manager
    Lightridge HS "Sentry over Lightridge HS"

    December 2019

    C.S. Monroe Brick

    Photographer - Svain Ulvedal, Project Manager
    C.S. Monroe Renovation "Brick by Brick"

    November 2019

    Tangled Web We Weave

    Photographer - Hal Broadhurst, Senior Project Manager of Lightridge High School
    Lightridge High School Construction "Tangled Web We Weave"

    October 2019

    Waxpool Pre-Construction

    Photographer - Anil Kumar, Project Manager of Waxpool Elementary
    Waxpool Elementary, Pre-Construction "It's a blast"

    September 2019 

    Nature and Construction

    Photographer - Anil Kumar, Project Manager of Waxpool Elementary
    Waxpool Elementary, "Nature and Construction"



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