• Course Narrative

    Course Title:  Spanish IV


    Students polish the four basic language skills. 

    Major grammar points are reviewed and the subjunctive is completed. 

    Different global themes are studied each quarter with relevant applications using these four

    basic language skills. The students’ common assessments will be parallel to the AP Exam in

    content and format. The common assessments as well as the curriculum will incorporate the

    six AP Global Themes: Global Challenges, Personal and Public Identities, Science and

    Technology, Families and Communities, Contemporary Life, and Beauty and Aesthetics.


    Learning Expectations:

    Will be applied using thematic units

    Quarter 1: Ecotourism and the environment.

    Quarter 2: Ideals of beauty and music, health issues, nutrition and food safety, Art

    Quarter 3: Family structures, friendship and love, professions and education

    Quarter 4: Beliefs and values, multiculturalism, discoveries and inventions, future technologies, media and the social impact of technology



    Students will utilize listening skills interpret spoken information, draw inferences and formulate opinions.


    Students will narrate and describe with detail, express preferences, support opinions and be able to maintain a discussion where responses may be unpredictable.


    Students will read, be able to summarize and comprehend authentic Hispanic materials, taken from literature, articles from the Web, or periodicals.


    Students will create coherent, well articulated writings on a variety of topics with critical analysis.


    Students will gain knowledge of Hispanic/Spanish art, global challenges, and immigration issues, facing the Spanish speaking world.



    Summative  100%

    Tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, essays, debates, homework, listening activities, use of target language in class discussions.

    CREDIT INFO: This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language
    requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one
    language or two years each of two languages.
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