Where to find Classical (nylon string) guitars


    Dear Music Lab 6 Parents/Guardians: 


    Students and parents often wonder where to get classical guitars.  Our local music stores have 1/2, 3/4 and full size guitars for rent and or rent to own.  Many students are still growing and full size guitars may be too large for them to play comfortably.  Therefore I recommend that you bring your student with you to try the guitar at the store if you plan to get a guitar.  The store personnel should be able to help with finding the correct size of guitar for your student.


    Please note:  if you are uncertain at this point if your student will continue to play guitar next year, you may want to rent a guitar from a music store versus buying it.  Once your student has determined his/her level of interest, then you could pursue purchase.  It is not required that a student have a home guitar if you are uncertain of your child's interest at this point.


     All students are invited to come into our music classroom during the morning Welcome Zone to practice the guitars we have here.  If your student makes this a habit 3-4 times per school week, then it's possible to delay renting/buying a guitar until you are sure. 


    If you believe that your student will continue to play guitar after this year,  then it is a good idea to go ahead and get a guitar for home use.  The following list of local music stores carry guitars. 


    Melodee Music in Sterling (near the Dulles Town Center Mall)



    Music and Arts in Leesburg (near the Giant/Best Buy) 



    Shamrock Music, Purcellville, VA 



    Chuck Levins Washington Music Center 



    Again, be sure your student is with you to make sure the size is correct. 


    Please reply if you have questions.  

    Thank you. 

    Mrs. DeRosa






Last Modified on September 18, 2019