• Resource Job Information

    Do you ever find yourself bored in resource with nothing to do? Maybe you’re one of those students who is always caught up with your work and hardly ever has homework. If this sounds like YOU, then you may want to consider applying for a resource job!


    • 100% Optional
    • Remember that school is your first job. If your resource job interferes with your school work, we will have to “lay you off” until your academic priorities are met
    • Full-time, part-time, & “on call” positions (depending on demand) will be available
    • Teaches you real life skills (resume, job interview process, learning accountability, using time management, etc.)


    See a list of jobs here!


    Ready to apply? Submit your job application along with your resume to be considered.


    How to Write a Resume Google Slides


    Applications and resumes are due by Friday, October 4th!