CourseTitle: ASL 3

    Course Description: Loudoun County Public Schools describes the course as follows:

                Students will learn and practice their expressive and receptive language skills within the context of every day interaction with people and their home, school, and community environments. They will study the history of American Sign Language and the culture of the Deaf community.

    Learning expectation:

    The student will:

           Engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and     emotions, and exchange opinions (interpersonal mode)

           Understand and interpret American Sign Language on a variety of topics    (interpretive mode)

           Present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics. (presentational mode)

            Demonstrate the concept of culture through comparisons of the Deaf culture with their own culture.

             Demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of American Sign Language and their own language.

    Summative: 100%
          - Classwork
          - Bell Ringer 

          - Test/Quiz

          - Homework

          - Presentation/Project

          - Leading the Activity

          - Expressive/Narrative/Poetry

          - Story Re-telling (video)

    Formative: 0% 

           - Homework
    Pacing Guide for ASL 3
    Quarter One Theme: Storytelling 
            - Review Level 1 & 2
            - Classifiers- Retelling and Orginal
             Using LCLs to describe movement
             Using SCLs to describe placement/orientation
             Retelling "The Story Corner" Stories From Old SN 1 and SN 2
             - Cultural Stories- Retelling
              Retelling "Timber", King Kong", "There are plenty of them back home"
              Story Cohesion, Transitions, Sequential Events (New SN 6:12)
              Storytelling Vocabulary (SN 3, Unit 18)
             - Role Shifting
              Intiator's and Receiver's View
              Sequential Events
             - Dimensional/Perspective in Storytelling (2D/3D)  Unit 21
             Descriptions of Objects (SN, Unit 16
             Descriptions of Scenery/Panoramic
             Characterization/ Assuming the Character  Unit 21
             - Idiomatic Expressions
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