•   Student Devices at LCPS

    LCPS is proud to provide ALL students in K-5 with their own device to support learning in the classroom. 

    Students will be issued a Lenovo Chromebook to use both at school and at home.  Devices will be assigned to students in Kindergarten and refreshed in 3rd grade. Students will also receive a charger and are expected to recharge their device nightly at home. Any issues with the device should be reported to the classroom teacher as soon as possible. Replacement chargers can be purchased here.


    These devices are being issued to help empower our students to become critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators, and contributors.  These 5C's are skills that help our students grow as learners in the digital age. To see the devices they will receive, check the video below.




    Taking Care of Your Chromebook 

    Each student will be responsible for their chromebook. Students will receive training when they are issued on how to look after it and how to be responsible digital citizens. The Common Sense Media Digital Citizen curriculum will continue to be taught to students at FHR, to ensure that they know how to make good choices when using technology, and how to respect others.



    LCPS Online Student Safety and Security

    To ensure that these new collaboration tools are safe and secure, LCPS monitors and evaluates all student content in Google and Office 365 in real-time via multiple systems. The county is utilizing a tool called Gaggle to monitor and evaluate all content that is created, viewed, or edited in Google Suite (Gmail included) and Office 365. If content is discovered that could be harmful to students, Gaggle will report those events in real-time.

    LCPS has also begun implementing Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP will help LCPS ensure that confidential information is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. DLP solutions scan emails and files searching for sensitive content. For example, DLP will be looking for personally identifiable information (PII) that students may try to share with people outside of LCPS. In the event the system detects that, it will then take action. Those actions are based on predefined rules and include sending the student/staff a notification and/or blocking the information from leaving our environment.

    Student Device FAQs

    • What if my son/daughter forgets theirs at home? Can they borrow a machine?

    We have loaners for lost or damaged units. Students are expected to be prepared each day with a charged unit.

    • Can students charge their units in classrooms?

    We will supply some additional charging cords per classroom. However, all students need to come each day prepared to learn and have the resources they need to be their best – this includes a charged Chromebook.

    • What happens at the end of the year? Do students keep their machines over the summer?

    No, similar to text books, Chromebooks are issued in August and collected in June. Students must return their unit and all charging equipment. Students will have the same unit returned to them in the fall. 

    • Can my child decorate their unit with stickers?

    Yes. We believe personalizing machines will make identifying units a lot easier. Personalizing also seems to encourage students to take care of and have their units each day. Please remove all stickers for the June Chromebook return if a rising 6th grader.

    • How about headphones, are they necessary?

    Yes. Each student should have a pair of personal small headphones to use. This item is part of our supplies list. The pair can be very, very basic and still work fine.

    • Do these devices go home?

    YES! These devices are intended to go home so student learning opportunities can span beyond the school day.

    • Are student Chromebooks filtered or monitored when off school property?

    YES! Regardless of the wireless network the device is connected to, internet traffic on student Chromebooks is always routed through the LCPS internet content filter. In addition, LCPS uses a monitoring service called Gaggle, which monitors the content of students’ emails, Google Drive, and Office 365 OneDrive and reports content that is concerning.


    For more information, and a copy of the LCPS Student Chromebook Take Home
    Procedures & Information, check the LCPS Website

Last Modified on January 27, 2022