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Viking Chamber Choir Auditions

  • Check back for audition material in April. Auditions take place in May ahead of the new school year. If you are not currently enrolled in a chorus class at BRMS or LVHS, contact Ms. Holowecki at to receive audition information. Auditions are ONLY required for Advanced Mixed Chorus (Chamber Choir). Mixed Chorus (Concert Choir) does not require an audition.

VMEA Honors Choir

  • This audition/event is only open to current seniors enrolled in chorus.
    Audition: Virtual Oct. 1-8
    Acceptance Notifications: via director by Oct. 13
    Event: November 17-20 in Norfolk, VA
    VMEA Honors Choir Website
    "If Music Be the Food of Love", Henry Purcell

    See VMEA folder in Schoology for more info.

ACDA Southern Division Honor Choir

  • Audition Submissions: Virtual, deadline is Sept. 22, 2021
    Acceptance Notifications: November 10, 2021
    Event: Feb. 23-26, 2022 in Raleigh, NC

    ACDA Southern Division Website

    Senior High (Grades 10-12) Information

    Junior High (Grades 7-9) Information

    Interested students will work with a private teacher or Ms. Holowecki to record their audition requirements (see links above) throughout the month of September. See Ms. Holowecki to make an appointment.
    If accepted, there are additional fees attached to this opportunity and parents are required to chaperone. Please note that the Music Parents Association may be able to provide scholarship assistance, but this is never a guarantee. Students interested in scholarship funds must submit an application to MPA. The MPA Scholarship Application form is available at under the FORMS tab.

  • All-County Chorus
    Audition: early September during class, exact dates TBA in class
    Acceptance Notifications: by the end of September
    Event: October 14, 2021 @ Lightridge High School
    Cost: Free to audition and for the event if accepted.

    This is a sight-reading event so interested students are encouraged to practice their sight-reading skills. Please take some time to review on your own at

  • District Chorus
    Registration and Payment: October 6-20
    Audition: Virtual, Nov. 5-12
    Acceptance Notifications: on or before Dec. 1
    Event: Feb. 11-12, 2022
    Repertoire: Where E're You Walk (see link below All-VA info)
    If accepted to District Honor Choir, the event is free.

    All-Virginia Chorus
    Audition: Virtual, February TBA
    Acceptance Notifications: via director within 1 week of audition
    Event: April 21-23, 2022 @ Richmond, VA
    Audition Prerequisite: Acceptance into District Chorus 
    If accepted to All-Virginia, there are fees for rooming and meals - the MPA may be able to provide scholarship assistance, but this is never a guarantee.

    2021-22: Where E're You Walk will be used for both All-VA and All-District. Links to music/audio are available on the following webpage.
    All-Virginia Chorus Website
    The link above provides audio examples and music pdfs for you vocal part as well as sight reading samples to help you practice. Sight-reading counts for 10% of your overall score in these auditions.