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     Educational Affiliations
    Virginia Tech 
    Patrick Kaylor earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!!).  He worked in the construction industry for five years before deciding to become a teacher.  He is currently teaching 7th & 8th Grade Technology Education and has been for the last 7 years.  He is also teaching the new Technoloy of Robotic Design class.  Mr. Kaylor has also been involved with robotics through VEX Robotics for the past 6 years, as a coach and mentor. 
    "I have enjoyed every minute of my teaching career and the opportunity to inspire others in the same way I was inspired back in middle school years by my teachers. I hope to spread this same love, enjoyment, and curiosity for exploring technology to my students."
    **Please note that Mr. Kaylor is split between two schools this year, Harper Park and Stone Hill middle schools.  

     Course Information
    Courses:  Google Classroom & CS2N
    Mr. Kaylor utilizes Google Classroom as the main classroom website for both Technology Education class and for Robotics. However Robotics will also use Carnegie Mellon's website as a insturctial tool, CS2N. 
    Google Classroom - You will need a class code.
    Carnegie Mellon, CS2N - Technology of Robotic Design (only)
    Programming Software for Robotics Class:
    Students can download VEXcode, so that they have the ability to complete assignments at home if they get behind. 
    V5 Blocks - available on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. 
    V5 Text - currently only available on Mac and Windowns. 
    A1- HPMS B5- Robotics
    A2- HPMS B6- Robotics
    A3- HPMS

    B7- 7th Grde

    Technology Education

    A4- HPMS B8- Robotics
    Please note: For any students needing additional help, I am available in my classroom starting at 8 am in the morning or we can make plans to stay after school if needed.
     My Classroom Moto:
    "Curiosity is the SPARK of innovation"
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