• If you have missed or will be missing several days of school due to illness, here are some things you should know:
    1. If you had an assignment due before you became ill, it'll be due sometime after you get back.  If there is work you can do on your own, such as learn your lines or write your speech, then please do as much as your health will allow. When you come back, talk to me about it and we'll pick a reasonable due date together. Please, don't get so stressed out that you make yourself sicker!
    2. Most assignments in Drama I, II, III, and IV, or in Public Speaking, for that matter, are performance based, meaning you have to be in class to participate in the activity.  If that's the case, I will not be sending anything home or posting the assignment here.  I'll bring you up to speed when you get back.  If you've missed notes (which would be rare), get them from a friend. 
    3. Many assignments are also based on work with a partner or a group.  If you are the missing partner, do what you can to be prepared upon your return.  If your partner is missing, there will generally be someone else in the same boat who can help you practice while you await your partner's return.  In some cases, we may do some partner switching to accomodate the people present on a given day.
    4. About the only time you'll ever find assignments posted here is, for example, when they require writing and have specific due dates that I can lay out in advance, i.e. the Drama II playwriting assignments. 
    In sum, there will  rarely be any assignments you can do while you are out, so get well soon and check with me as soon as you get back. 
Last Modified on November 2, 2009