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    School Counselors work alongside teachers and parents to help students develop social-emotional and academic skills, as well as career exploration.  


     Individual Counseling

     We sometimes will meet with students one-on-one.  We see students based on self-referrals, teacher recommendations and parent concerns.

    • Please feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your child.  With parent permission, we can set up a short-term appointment with your child to discuss any ongoing issues that they may be having.  We are also avaialbe to help with outside referrals and other resources.

     Classroom Guidance Lessons

     As part of our School Counseling Program, we will be going into each classroom every other week.  Some of our lesson topics include - school success, decision-making, diversity, cooperation/team building, bullying prevention, friendship and careers exploration.

     Small Group Counseling

     We offer many different small groups throughout the year.  These groups usually take place during the students' lunch period and consist of students within the same grade.  Parent permission is required for your child to participate in groups.

    Group topics may include 

    • changing families
    • grief
    • school success
    • friendship
    • stressbusters
    • smiling faces

    **We are also open to suggesions of other topics of need.  

     If you find that you and your family could use some help with school supplies, food or other necessities or if you would like to donate items of need please contact us.

     To scheule a time to meet with us please call us at 571-252-2870 or send an email to:

    Michelle Mooney, School Counselor OR Katy Luke, School Counselor


Last Modified on August 18, 2023