• Community Independence Instruction

    Allison Steves, Samantha Most, Mark Russell

    Course Objective:  To promote functional life skills in natural environments both in our school and non-school community, following classroom instruction and practice, thereby encouraging independence and problem solving.

    Students will be instructed in nine Life Skill Strands:

    Personal Management

    Knowing and expressing personal information

    Personal care, dining, cooking, etc.

    Recreation / Leisure

    Creating and following a shopping list,  restaurant etiquette, services


    School: recycling, clerical
    Community: stocking, baking, restaurant work

    Functional Academics

    Paying for different things, time management, letter writing


    Social skills, self-advocacy, telephone skills

    Motor Skills
    Social Competence

    Appropriate public behavior

    Problem solving

    Self-determination & Self-advocacy
    Understanding strengths/weaknesses
    Interests, goals for future

    Students will accomplish goals and objectives through in-school lessons/projects, as well as a weekly trip in the community.  Weekly trips into the community will always fall on an A day each week

Last Modified on September 3, 2019