• Welcome to Advanced Functions!

    Advanced Functions and Modeling

    2019-2020:  Mrs. Ring


    How we are learning this year…..


    Students enrolled in Advanced Functions and Modeling will be expected to learn how to work with and analyze polynomial, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions and apply them to real world models.


    Students will be primarily using the Workshop Model in class which emphasizes group work and assignments that are targeted to a student’s ability and interest level.  A collaborative approach to solving problems is used daily. Guided practice, labs and projects are used to enhance understanding.



    Skill Development:


    Collaboration is built into the setup of the class.  Students are encouraged to help and support each other in learning concepts.  

    What students should expect….


    Based on concepts introduced in Algebra 2, we will continue to build skills in various types of functions found in mathematics and explore where many functions are found in the real world.


    Concepts build upon each other, so it is imperative that if students need help or miss a topic, they seek out assistance before troubles “snowball.”



    Where to find class information?


    Students will be able to locate their notes, assignments, reflections, and videos supporting notes and assignments on Google Classroom through their lcps.org accounts (enrollment code: 31gr3i4 ).  Grades are updated usually by the Friday of each week - my goal has always been to grade and return all assignments as soon as possible. 


    Parents will be emailed through ParentVue on a regular basis regarding upcoming topics, what’s going on in class, and upcoming due dates and reminders.



    How will I communicate with students and parents?


    • Email: rring@lcps.org (I generally attempt to respond within a 24 to 48 hour time period)
    • Remind: text @afring20 to 81010. I use this to send out information and reminders to students.  Students may use this to get in touch with me if questions arise that need more immediate answers.
    • During Viking Time: I will be found in room 120 (unless I put a note on the door)
    • Before school: Most days, I will be available from 8:15-9:00 in room 120.
    • Last Block of the Day:  I have duty during the last block of the day every day in the Viking Head Foyer.



    Recommended supplies:


    • 3 ring binder
    • Highlighter
    • Pencils/pens
    • TI-84 calculator / Desmos online calculator
      • This will be necessary should your student decide to take the AP exam. Desmos is NOT an accepted calculator for the AP Statistics exam
      • I maintain a class set of 20 calculators in my room for student use during the school day. They may not be removed from the classroom


    Cell Phone Policy:

                    Cell phones are expected to be put away during class time unless directly instructed by Mrs. Ring. If a student is using a cell phone during class, they will be directed to put it in the box located on their table until the end of class.