Pinebrook Elementary classrooms in grades 3-5 each have 15 chromebooks for use in as part of  the Personalized Learning model. There are 5-6 laptops in each K-2 classroom for small group instruction as well as several laptop and chromebook carts for whole group use.



    Through support of our PTA, grants, and business partnerships the following equipment is available for students and teachers to utilize: 

    • BeeBot robots
    • SPHERO robotics
    • Ozobot robotics
    • ACTIV View document cameras
    • Makey Makey Invention Kits
    • Code-a-pillars
    • HummingBird Microbit Circuitry Kits
    • 2 Prusha 3D Printers

    ozobots    Scratch



    Belmont Station students have access to a full compliment of productivity software and digital content through school or district subscriptions.  In addition, the Belmont Station network contains subject specific software for music, science, language arts, math and social science as well as subscriptions to research sites.  Online resources are available through LCPSGO