• General Precautions

        • No food or drinks are allowed next to your device while it is in use.
        • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the device and removed carefully. 
        • No stickers should be applied to the chromebook. Stickers may be added to a removable case and should not cover LCPS markings/labels.
        • LCPS markings/labels must not be covered or removed.
        • Devices are labeled with a Loudoun County Public Schools property tag. This tag must not be removed or altered in any way.
        • Devices should never be left in a car or any unsupervised area.

          Devices left at home
          • Students are expected to bring their devices to school, fully charged, each day.  There are a limited number of student loaners that are only provided in emergency situations (e.g. testing) when a student forgets their device. 

        Accidental damage

          • Damaged devices should be brought to the attention of the teacher immediately.  Repairs will be handled by the Department of Digital Innovation.

         Lost or stolen device and AC Adaptors

          • Lost or stolen devices and/or AC Adaptors should be immediately reported to the school administration.
          • The student will responsible for the cost of replacing a lost device and/or AC Adaptor.  We will have new charger cords to purchase in the front office.
          • If a device is stolen, the assigned student/parent is responsible for obtaining and providing a copy of the police report.


        Protective Covers for the chromebook

Last Modified on August 29, 2019