• Welcome to Music

    Ms. Comrie and Mr. Holmes are the Algonkian music teachers. We are so excited to make music with our Algonkian Bobcats!

    Students in grades 1-5 will receive a 55-minute class once a week.  Students in kindergarten will receive a 30-minute class once a week. Students will experience learning through their entire body. We will be teaching to all seven intelligences.  As a result, our students will come to fully understand both musical and academic concepts.  In our music room, we will be learning music through the Orff approach.  Each student will participate in music through many facets including singing, movement, dancing, playing instruments, creating, and improvising.  Our goal is for all students to feel confident and safe to share their thoughts and ideas.

    Our program follows the Loudoun County Elementary Music Curriculum, which is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL’s) and the National Standards for Music Education.

    If you have any questions about our music curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact either of us at Kim.comrie@lcps.org    or  Ron.Holmes@lcps.org.