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    Class Descriptions for 2019-20 School Year


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     Fall 2019 Class Descriptions Session (Registration Open: 9/12 to 9/24 and Classes Run: 10/8 to 11/19)

    Beginner Ensemble (Piano, Guitar, Violin, & Drum) - Learn Now Music 

    Students will participate in a beginner ensemble music group. Students may choose which instrument to play during the session – piano, guitar, violin or drums. Students will learn about the instrument, how to read musical notation as well as how to participate in a group. Students are provided with FREE instrument rentals to TAKE HOME with them for the entire session! Parents will be invited to a “Parent Day” on the last day of class. Rental Instruments must be returned at the last class. Session Fee: $145 Grades: K-5 

    Cheer - Cheer Fit 

    Cheer Fit, led by Amy Sergi, will be holding a CHEERLEADING session this session. The cheerleading routine will consist of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dancing, and much, much, more! At the end of the session we will have a cheerleading show where the parents can come watch what their child has learned in the class. Session Fee: $107 Grades: 1-5 

    Slime Laboratories - STEAM Kidz Lab 

    Join the scientists at Slime Laboratories as a slime product tester! This wonderful class will explore the amazing properties of slime. Students will investigate polymers, viscosity, Newtonian fluids, properties of fluoresce, magnetism and insulation. See Slime Laboratories’ job posting below... Help Wanted! Slime Laboratories is looking to hire young scientists to test new slime products. We need young, curious children to test crazy, sticky, foamy, sparkly, slimly, smelly, glowing, fluorescing, bumpy, weird and otherwise unidentifiable slimes. Qualifications: You must be willing to make lots of new kinds of slime and subject those slimes to quality testing at our lab. No experience necessary to apply. Session Fee: $145 Grades: K-5 

    Intro to STEM Using LEGOS - Play-Well TEKnologies 

    Tap into your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as Boats, Snowmobiles, Catapults, and Merry-Go-Rounds. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. Then use special pieces to create your own unique design! New and returning students can explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. There are no prerequisites for this course and each season's session will feature unique projects, STEM concepts, and new adventures! Session Fee: $123 Grades: K-2 

    KidzArt - KidzArt 

    Whether your child is a budding Michelangelo or is still drawing stick figures, KidzArt will give them the skills and confidence to create artwork they are proud of. The KidzArt method of drawing instruction allows your child to learn many artist tricks and develop their own creativity. KidzArt is an extraordinary drawing program that introduces children to concepts such as proportion, perspective, dimension and shading. Starting with a blank canvas, the students will create a masterpiece to take home after every class. They learn to focus and break down complex drawings into individual components. You will be amazed at what your child comes home with each week! The young artists are exposed to a wide variety of mediums which may include oil and chalk pastels, watercolors, charcoal, vibrant markers, and clay. New curriculum in every session. KidzArt builds self- confidence, problem-solving skills and creativity in a fun non-competitive atmosphere. Artist quality supplies included. Session Fee: $122 Grades: K-5 

    Robotics: BusyBots - Silver Knights Enrichment 

    Silver Knights Robotics uses LEGO® WeDo 2.0 in our enrichment classes. Each session includes different projects so material doesn’t repeat. In our BusyBots unit, kids will examine bots that are taking care of business. Most robots are designed to do a job and the bots in this unit all have work to do! Build a machine to test how earthquake-proof a structure is; build a gondola lift and a farm harvester. We’ll even build a fishing pole because sometimes you need a break from work! Session Fee: $176 Grades: 1-5 

    Chess - Silver Knights Enrichment 

    Learn chess from a Silver Knights Chess coach! State and national champions have come from our programs, but most of our students are just looking to have fun! Class time is split between the lesson and play. Lessons range from learning the rules to advanced tournament strategies, depending on the student's skill level. Playtime is structured to pair each student against an opponent of similar skill. All grades and skill levels are welcome. Silver Knights will supply all the equipment during chess club. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments. Session Fee: $120 Grades: K-5 

    Cooking - iCook 

    iCook is a really fun, hands-on after-school cooking program for children. Our mission is simple: to help teach children to love everything about food – cooking, eating delicious and healthful dishes, learning about different cultures and stories behind the food. Our chefs-in-training will learn how to make a variety of healthy, delicious and fun seasonal recipes. We will learn about herbs, spices and how they add flavor and aroma to the dishes. Our little chefs will “travel” to new countries and learn about their cuisines and cultures. We will master cooking safety, slicing, dicing, chopping, folding, baking, zesting, mixing and more. Session Fee: $149 Grades: K-5 

    Multi-Sport - Ignite Sports 

    Ignite Multi-Sport is a fun program that incorporates the most popular kid's games, to include, Kickball, Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. Using interactive and age-appropriate games/activities, the program is designed to teach and provide optimal repetition to broaden each child's skillset within each sport. Session Fee: $149 Grades: K-5 

      **Parents please note there is a new dismissal policy in place and all students participating in after-school programs will be brought to exit doors and dismissed by their program teacher.  You can pick up through car line at the front of the school for those programs taking place in the library.  You can form a car line at the bus lane for those programs taking place in the Art Room or Music Room.  If you are picking up your child from Running With the Stars please park in an appropriate space and walk to the track.  A car line sign will be sent home with your child participating in the program, which you may display in the passenger side window for car line pick up.  Thank you for your understanding in our effort to continue to strive for added safety and security for our AES community. 

    For more information or if you have suggestions for the program,
    please contact the Ashburn Enrichment Coordinator, Meg Annacone-Poretz, at AESPTOasep@gmail.com.