Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jodie Allen

I am excited to teach English and U.S. History this year at Indy! I studied Magazine Journalism and Anthropolgy at Syracuse University, and received my teaching certification in English and History from Shenandoah University. I am a career-switcher--I spent over two decades in STEM and medical book publishing as a senior editor and project manager. I grew up between Los Angeles during the school years and Washington, DC, during the summers. I worked for major publishers in New York City and Boston before returning to my mid-Atlantic roots. I love to travel, read, distance walk, and spend time with my three kids and family. I co-sponsor the National English Honors Society and sponsor Indy's Girl Up club.

The best way to reach me is via email at 

 Advisory (Tiger Time) in Room 1409

A1: Study Hall (Rm 2610)       B5: U.S./Virginia History (Rm 1409)

A2: English 9H (Rm 2610)      B6: U.S./Virginia History (Rm 1409)

A3: English 9H (Rm 2610)      B7: U.S./Virginia History (Rm 1409)

A4: Planning                             B8: Planning