Private/Tutoring Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, lesson information

  • Dear String Parents,
    The investment of private instruction for your young musician is one of the greatest gifts you can offer them.  I find that students have many misconceptions regarding lessons.  Some think it is only for the kids who are struggling.  Some believe that only the most advanced students should be in lessons.  Other students think that it is a waste of time unless you want to major in music.  All of these are FALSE.   
    If your musician is even a little bit interested and is willing to work - then private lessons are a worthwhile investment. Private instruction is traditional to learning an instrument.  In many school districts, private lessons are built INTO the school day curriculum.   
     DISCLAIMER: I am not the editor, nor do I recommend, or endorse any of the institutions/instructors on the lists. I simply make these lists available to you.  This list is updated and edited by the teachers themselves who are on this list.
    Private Tutor List Will be coming shortly! (Stop back in the future:)