• AP Theme: Personal and Public Identities

    AP Subtheme: Personal interests


    ✓       Greetings – use and respond to greetings, introductions, and farewells

    ✓       Emotions and feelings – express emotions and current state

    ✓       Useful phrases- frequently used expressions and phrases for the classroom

    ✓       Alphabet- letters and sounds / comparisons to English alphabet

    ✓       Question words – recognize and respond to interrogative words

    ✓       Commands – use and respond to classroom commands

    ✓       Tú vs. usted- use proper formal and informal forms of address in familiar situations

    Language Structures:

    ✓       verbs ser, tener and estar (as related to feelings, greetings, and emotions)

    ✓       cognates


    Unit 2 – Calendar & Weather

    AP Theme: Global Challenges 

    AP Subtheme: Environmental Issues


    ✓       Weather – describe weather condition

    ✓       Question words related to time, date, and weather

    ✓       Numbers –  0 – 100+

    ✓       Time – tell time using digital and analog clocks

    Language Structures:

    ✓       verbs hacer (as related to weather, calendar)-recycle verbs estar, ser, tener

    ✓       hay (as related to numbers)


    Unit 3 - All About Me

    AP Theme: Families and Communities, Personal and Public Identities

    AP Subtheme: Family Structure, Personal interests, Self-Image


    ✓       Personal Pronouns- singular and plural pronouns

    ✓       Human Body – identify body parts (introduction of definite and indefinite articles)

    ✓       Adjectives – describe personality traits and physical characteristics of self and others (family members)

    ✓       Family- identify family members and use possessive adjectives (mi hermana, tu papá, su tía)

    Language Structures:

    ✓       verbs ser and tener (as relates to physical characteristics and personality traits

    ✓       possessive adjectives

    ✓       comparison words- (más, menos, menor que…, mayor que…)

    ✓       affirmative and negative words

    – QUARTER 2 –

    Unit 4 - Likes & Dislikes

    AP Theme: Contemporary life

    AP Subtheme: Entertainment, lifestyles


    ✓       Activities and sports – express likes/dislikes related to extracurricular activities and sports

    ✓       Pastimes and hobbies – – identify and discuss which hobbies or pastimes students prefer.

    ✓       Express agreement or disagreement - también/ tampoco

    Language Structures:


    ✓       AR/ER/IR verbs/infinitive

    ✓       Gustar + infinitive

    ✓       Introduce stem-changing verb

         Sentence structure- write complete sentences-

    ✓       Me gusta/ No me gusta

    ✓       Preferir- e-ie

    Example: Me gusta practicar deportes porque yo soy atlético

    Prefiero jugar baloncesto porque es más divertido que el futbol

    ✓       Connection words or linking words: pero, también, tampoco

    ✓       Compare sports and hobbies – qué te gusta/ qué te gusta más / qué no te gusta/ ni, ni


    Unit 5 – The School

    AP Theme: Contemporary life

    AP Subtheme: Education and careers


    ✓       Classroom objects and items- recognize, identify and describe classroom items (use number and colors)

    ✓       Prepositions of location- Describe where things and places are located

    ✓       Singular vs Plural

    ✓       People in school / Places in school

    ✓       Possessive adjectives- express ownership using possessive adjectives

    ✓       Ordinal numbers - introduce and practice ordinal numbers to talk about your schedule

    ✓       Subjects / Classes- identify subjects, describe class schedule and discuss various schedules

    ✓       Tell time- To talk about classes and schedules

    ✓       Comparisons – Compare classes and teachers using comparative structures (más que, mejor que)

    Language Structures:

    ✓       Conjugations of regular –ar verbs

    ✓       Verb estar + preposition of location

    ✓       Hay/Tener/Tener que + infinitive

    ✓       Ir + a + definite article + noun (talk about places you go)

    Example: Tengo que ir a la biblioteca… or Voy a la biblioteca…

    Tengo que ir a la clase de español … Voy a la clase de español después del almuerzo…


    – QUARTER 3 –

    Unit 6 – Food/ Restaurant

    AP Theme: Contemporary Life

    AP Subtheme: Lifestyles



    ✓  Identify food items (fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, beverages, dessert)

    ✓  Discuss what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    ✓  Talk about likes and dislikes

    ✓  Describe how food tastes (es salada, es picante etc…)

    ✓  Talk about types of food- (comida italiana, comida china)

    ✓  Discuss food preference



    ✓ Order food in a restaurant

    ✓ Express wants and needs (quiero un/una, prefiero un/una)

    ✓ Describe and talk about your favorite restaurant

    Language Structures:

    ✓       Conjugation of regular –er / -ir verbs

    ✓       Stem changing verbs (preferir / querer /pedir / costar)

    ✓       Use of gustar- querer when or ordering food: Me gustaría…, quisiera…

    ✓       Comparisons/Superlatives


    Unit 7 – The Community

    AP Theme: Contemporary life

    AP Subtheme:  Lifestyles


    ✓       Community- Identify community locations and discuss places you go

    ✓  Activities in the community - discuss what you will do at…

    ✓       Question words (recycle)

    ✓       Tell day and time- When do you go to do certain activities (day, time, time of day)

    ✓       Prepositions of location (recycle)

    Language Structures : Verb / verb phrases

    ✓       ir + a + definite article + noun (talk about places you go)

                          Example: Tengo que ir a la farmacia… or Voy a la farmacia…

    ✓       Contrations: a + el= al / de + el= del

                   Example: Tengo que ir al banco… or El banco está al lado del supermercado

    ✓       a + infinitive (talk about what you do)

                   Example: Tengo que ir a la farmacia a comprar

    ✓       para + infinitive (talk about places you go and what you do there)

                   Example: Tengo que ir al banco para depositar

    ✓       poder + infinitive-

    Example: Puedo ir al parque después de estudiar.


    – QUARTER 4 –


    Unit 8 – House & Chores

    AP Theme: Contemporary life, Global Challenges

    AP Subtheme: Lifestyles, Social Welfare



    ✓       Room- Identify, name and describe rooms

    ✓       Household objects- describe items and rooms using colors

    ✓       Prepositions of location- describe room location and items in the room

    ✓       Activities- describe what people do at home

    ✓       Chores- describe what you and your family members have to do

    Language Structures:

    ✓       Conjugation of regular and irregular verbs (stem-changing / yo-go verbs)

    ✓       Present progressive – tell what people are currently doing. (recycle)

    ✓       Tener que + infinitive – tell what people have to do

    ✓       Regular and Irregular Affirmative tú commands – tell someone to do something

    ✓       Comparisonsmejor que, peor que, etc. (Examples: Mi dormitorio es mejor que el dormitorio de mi hermano.  Lavar los platos es peor que hacer la cama.)


    Unit 9 – Celebrations

    AP Theme: Families and Communities, Contemporary life

    AP Subtheme: Customs and values, Social Customs and values



    ✓  Identify family celebrations

    ✓ Describe and talk about events, decorations and activities at a party

    ✓ Describe what people do to prepare for a party

    ✓ Family members (recycle)

    Language Structures:


    ✓ Tener

    ✓       Tener + que + infinitive

    ✓       Possessive adjectives

    ✓       Regular and irregular verbs (stem changing and yo-go verbs)


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