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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Q.  What does my child need to register for school?
    A.  Click here for complete registration requirements.
    Q.   Does my child need a physical examination?
    A.    Yes, physicals are required by the Code of Virginia, §22.1-270 and Loudoun County School Board Policy, §8.50, for admission for the first time to any public kindergarten or elementary school, but not for admission to middle or high school.  The physical must have been performed no more than twelve months prior to the date of entrance.  The comprehensive physical for kindergarten (form MCH-213G must include: 

    ·   vision screening

    ·   hearing screening

    ·   Tuberculosis screening - no sooner than three months prior to registration for school - Tuberculosis Screening Requirements 


    Q.   Does my child need another physical to enter kindergarten if he/she is already enrolled in a Loudoun County Public Schools' preschool program (Special Education or STEP) or Head Start?
    A.    Yes, a new physical is needed unless the physical on file was performed within twelve months of entry into kindergarten.  The physical must include all of the requirements of the comprehensive physical examination listed above.  If the physical for preschool or Head Start is older than twelve months, then a new physical is required.
    Q.   Does my child need immunizations?
    A.    Yes, Immunization requirements are mandated by the Code of Virginia, §22.1-271.2, Loudoun County School Board Policy, §8-51, and the Virginia Department of Health.  The minimum immunization requirements for entry into school and day care are found at the Virginia Health Department
    Q.   What are the physical/immunization requirements for entrance into a Loudoun County Public Schools' preschool program (Special Education or STEP) or Head Start?
    A.   All students must have a physical examination performed within twelve months of entry into a preschool program or Head Start.  The immunization requirements are found at the Virginia Health Department
    Q.   My child has a comprehensive physical examination on file.  Does he/she need another physical to participate in sports?
    A.   Yes, The Virginia High School League requires that any student who participates in high school athletic activities must have an annual VHSL physical. 
    Q.   How long do I have to keep my child home when the child is sick, running a fever, or vomiting?
    A.   If a child is on antibiotics for a contagious disease such as strep throat or pink eye, the recommended guideline is that the child be on the antibiotics for 24 hours prior to returning to school.  The recommended guideline is that a child be fever-free for 24 hours before the child returns to school; the same recommendation holds true for vomiting. 
    When a child is not feeling well, the child should not be medicated to mask the symptoms so the child can come to school.  Many times the medication will wear off and the symptoms will return, requiring the parent to come and pick up the child from school.  Children who are not feeling well will not perform their best in school.  Additionally, keeping children home when they have bacterial or viral infections helps to control the spread of these diseases.
    Q.   Can I send my child's prescription medication to school?
    A.   Yes, however, the parent/guardian must transport the medication to school.  An Authorization for Medication Administration form, signed by a physician, must be completed in order for medication to be administered.  The medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle labeled with the student's name, medication, dosage, and instructions for administration.  When a prescription is filled, the parent/guardian may request that the medication be split into 2 bottles so one can be kept at home and one sent to school.  Students may not transport medication.
    Q.   Why do I need a new medication form each year for my child's prescription medication?
    A.   An annually up-dated medication authorization form is required by state law and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Also, many students "graduate" to a different school the following year.  An up-dated form ensures that the school has the most current dosage information which ensures that the prescription meets the child's needs based on age and weight.
    Q.   Can I send non-prescription, over-the-counter medicine to school for my child?
    A.   Yes, however, the parent/guardian must transport the medication to school.  The medication must be in its original package.  A signed/dated note from the parent or the Authorization of Medication Administration   form must be completed for each medicine.  School personnel will only dispense medication according to the package instructions unless directed a physician 's order on the Authorization for Medication indicates differently. 
    Herbal/Alternative Medications Herbal or alternative medications need a physician’s written authorization with dosage instructions, schedule of administration, reason for the drug (unless confidential), adverse reactions and potential drug interaction, as well as signed parental consent before the products can be administered.
    Q.   Can my child carry over-the-counter medicine (e.g., cough drops, eye drops, Lactaid, etc.) and take or use when needed during the school day?
    A.   No, over-the-counter medicines contain medication and must be dispensed in the health office.
    Q.   Can my child who has asthma carry an inhaler?
    Q.   Can my child who has a life-threatening allergy carry an EpiPen?
    A.    Yes, if indicated by the physician on the Allergy Action Plan / Physician's Order the parent/ guardian and child sign page 2 of the Emergency Action Plan when providing the order to the health office.
    Q.    Can my child who has diabetes carry diabetes supplies?
    A.    Yes, if the prescribing provider indicates his approval and  the parent/guardian signs authorization to self-monitor and self-administer insulin in the Virginia Diabetes Medical Plan
     Q.   Since I go to work early, can I send in medication with my child if I have completed the Authorization for Medication Administration form?
    A.   No, students are not permitted to carry medication to or from school.  Empty prescription bottles can be sent home with the student when a refill is needed, but must be returned to school by the parent/guardian.
Last Modified on June 14, 2023