All new students entering Loudoun County Public Schools will be required to provide documentation that a tuberculosis (TB) screening has been performed no sooner than three months prior to registration for school.  The documentation must be signed by a licensed health care provider in the United States and indicate that the student is free of communicable tuberculosis.  Tuberculosis screenings can be performed at some urgent care centers, a physician's office or the Loudoun County Health Department. 

    Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Tuberculosis Screening



    Q.  Why has the school board adopted this policy?

     A.  All school employees are required to be screened for tuberculosis (TB).  The Loudoun County School Board adopted this policy of screening students as well at the recommendation of Dr. Goodfriend, the Director of the Loudoun County Health Department.

    The Northern Virginia area has experienced a rapid rise in TB cases in the past several years.  Screening children who may have been exposed to TB but not yet sick is an important way to determine if others at home have active tuberculosis and prevent children from becoming sick with tuberculosis in the future and exposing other students.  All of the surrounding counties in Northern Virginia have a similar requirement for tuberculosis screening to attend school.


    Q.  My child is presently a student in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS).  Does my child need a tuberculosis screening?

    A.  No. Your child does not need a tuberculosis screening if he/she is a student in LCPS including the Early Childhood Special Education classes, Head Start, and the STEP Program.  When your child has a physical, your physician may want to perform a screening as a good health practice. 


    Q.  Is there a needle involved in this screening?

    A.  The screening itself is a questionnaire.  After answering the questions, the health care professional doing the screening may determine that it is necessary to perform a blood test, which requires a needle stick, or, a skin test,  which consists of injecting a small amount of fluid just under the skin.  After 48-72 hours, the skin is checked for a reaction.  If the blood test or skin test is positive, it means that the child was likely exposed to TB in the past.   A chest x-ray may be necessary to make sure they are not contagious.


    Q.  My child is going to start kindergarten and had a physical examination in December, 2021, that included a tuberculosis screening.  Does he need another tuberculosis screening?

    A.  Yes.  The School Board policy states that the screening must be no more than three months prior to registration for school.  For all other students new to LCPS, the screening must be performed no earlier than three months prior to registering for school.


    Q.  What kind of documentation do I need to bring to school for this screening?

    A.  You need to provide a statement or clearance form from your physician with your child’s name and date of birth that is signed and dated stating your child can be considered free of tuberculosis in a communicable form and may be admitted to school in Loudoun County. 

    • This clearance form is available from your child’s school, on the LCPS website, or from most Loudoun County    physicians’offices. 
    • This information can also be documented on page four of the Virginia School Entrance Health Form under Health Assessment. 
    • The date listed under Health Assessment for the tuberculosis screening must be not earlier than 3 months prior to registration for school.
    Q.  If my child does not have the tuberculosis screening the first day of school, can he/she attend class?

    A.  No.  Your child will be excluded until documentation is brought to school.


    Q.  Where can I find more information about TB screening?

    A.  More information is available from the Loudoun County Health Department  and the Center for Disease Control and Preventio



Last Modified on February 14, 2022