• Language Assistance Services

    If you need an interpreter or written translation, please contact the Family Liaison at your school.  

    The Office of Outreach Services provides families the opportunity to be engaged with Loudoun County Public Schools regardless of the language spoken through interpretation and translation services. The mission of Language Assistance Services is to provide accurate and timely communication with families with limited English proficiency (LEP) and ensure compliance with federal and state laws and the Office for Civil Rights. Additionally, Language Assistance Services promotes alignment and consistency across all schools and departments by recruiting and retaining quality interpreters and translators. If a parent requests interpretation or translation services, it must be provided.

    What is Language Assistance Services?

    Spoken interpretation services:

    • LCPS staff interpreters
    • Language Line (over the phone interpretation)
    • On-demand virtual remote interpretation
    • Private contractor arranged by Office of Outreach Services

    Written translation services: 

    • LCPS staff translators 
    • Private Contractor arranged by Office of Outreach Services

    The Principal, Administrator and/or Family Liaison can schedule and arrange interpretation services for any school event, including:

    • Parent/teacher conferences
    • Back-to-School nights
    • Enrollment assistance
    • School counseling conferences
    • Emergency communications 
    • IEP meetings
    • Speech and language screenings/evaluations
    • Educational assessment for eligibility 
    • Eligibility meetings 
    • Other school meetings or events


    If LCPS interpreters cannot meet the language needs of a student and/or family, then private language assistance services will be arranged through the Office of Outreach Services.

    ASL services are requested through the Office of Leave & Disability at 571-252-1690. 


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