• Interpreter Services


    The Principal, Administrator and/or Parent Liaison can contact an interpreter to schedule and arrange interpretation services for the following:


    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Back-to-School Nights
    • Enrollment Assistance
    • School Counseling Conferences
    • Emergency Communications 
    • IEP Meetings
    • Speech and Language Screenings/Evaluations
    • Educational Assessment for Eligibility 
    • Eligibility Meetings 


    To request an interpreter, contact Sarah Rosin at sarah.rosin@lcps.org or call (571) 252-2443.


    If LCPS interpreters cannot meet the language need of a student and/or family, then private language assistance services will be requested.


    ASL services are requested through the Office of Retirement & Disability at 571-252-1690.



Last Modified on July 20, 2020